Our firm will work with dental technologists who face regulatory issues at the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (“CDTO”).  We will assist dental technologists with the following regulatory issues:

  • Working with dental technologists to respond to allegations of professional misconduct;
  • Responding to various inquiries at the CDTO, including drafting responses to complaints that are reviewed by a panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (“ICRC”) at the College;
  • Advocating on behalf of dental technologists at discipline hearings;
  • Assisting dental technologists with registration applications;
  • Representing dental technologists in appeals before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (“HPARB”) (e.g. where a decision of the ICRC has been made);
  • Assisting with fitness to practice matters;
  • Reporting past history, including criminal charges and findings of guilt, to the CDTO; and
  • Advising dental technologists on other practice issues that may arise, including quality assurance, employment and contractual issues, unauthorized practice, and privacy and confidentiality.