We are lawyers for human resources professionals who are navigating regulatory issues at the Human Resources Professionals Association (“HRPA”) and other provincial bodies.

How We Assist Human Resources Professionals

Our team of defence lawyers will assist human resources professionals with the following regulatory issues:

  • Advising human resources professionals on compliance with relevant legislation and standards, including the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013, as well as the HRPA’s Code of Ethics, Rules of Professional Conduct, and Standards of Practice;
  • Responding to various inquiries at the HRPA, including drafting responses to HRPA complaints that are reviewed by the Complaints Committee;
  • Defending human resources professionals at formal discipline hearings in front of the HRPA’s Discipline Committee;
  • Representing human resources professionals in appeals before the HRPA’s Appeals Committee; and
  • Advising human resources professionals on various practice issues, such as membership issues, performance standards, capacity investigations, and employment/contract issues.